Picture 1014 /2017 Onomatopee
Leonie Maréchal, professional artist was born in the center of Eindhoven and grew up in Drentsdorp 'in the area of Philips/StrijpS.
She had a classical Art education and graduated with the theme 'Flying between myth and earth ' 
From an early age has painting and drawing part of her life, which was always obvious from home the love of art and nature, thus it has become for her a way to while painting to connect its 'inside and outside.
Leonie comes from an artistic family of painters and sculptors. 
Some artworks are inspired by the art word of her brother Pierre Maréchal, Poet and author of books on birds and ecology.

The imagery used by them is mostly about nature in relation to man and the world. The emphasis is on layering, which underlays play in the work. 
They mainly looking for expressiveness, structure, form, a desolate 'reality' and sometimes with a romantic slant, making them out on a silent and then again in an expressive way. 
Her work is intuitive with direct movements on canvas or paper with acrylic, charcoal, oil paint and uses the spatula, brush and her hands.
Maréchal also works on commission.
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Film and video John Muermans
 6 t/m 14 mei 2017 Lente tentoonstelling 'INSPIRATIE'In het voormalig pand van Galerie Willy Schoots, Willemstraat 27, Eindhoven
 +    IBCAN Kek-040! 'INBETWEENXMASANDNEWYEAR' december 2016 Van Abbemuseum, Molenveld.
+   van Abbemuseum 'Kunst van Hier' 2012 with 50 participants from the Atelierroute Eindhoven & regio.Organisation: Lennie van Vugt en Leonie Maréchal,
MAD Emergent Art Center 
 ++ The visual design of the artwork by Leonie Maréchal shown on the internet or in any way is the author's copyright. (member of Pictoright) The acquisition should distribute or abuse prior written consent will be sought from there or owner Leonie Maréchal. 
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